Check the status of your Amended Tax Return

If you filed an amended tax return, here is what you need to know to check the status of your amended tax return. First of all the Where’s My Amended Return? gives you the status of your amended tax return. therefore, you can start checking on its status three weeks after you’ve mailed it. As a result, it can take up to three weeks before your amended return shows up in our system. You can

Understanding why you received a notice from IRS

It is possible that this year, certain taxpayers will receive a CP2000 notice from the IRS. The Notice provides detailed information about problems identified by the IRS. Here is some information to help you understand why you received a notice from the IRS and what you can do: The IRS sends a CP2000 notice to the taxpayer when the information on a tax return does not match the data reported to the IRS by banks

Did you miss the April 15th tax filing deadline?

Here is some useful information if you did miss the April 15th tax filing deadline. The April 15th tax-filing deadline has passed for most people. Taxpayers who did not file an extension and still have not filed their tax returns should file ASAP. You should do so even if you are unable to pay to avoid potential penalties and interest, which can continue to add up quickly. Penalties and interest are only added on unfiled

How you can pay your taxes if you owe the IRS

IRS offers taxpayers convenient, secure ways to pay their taxes throughout the year. Whether you e-file, paper file or are responding to a bill or notice the IRS offers secure ways to pay your taxes. It’s safe and secure. Here are some secure ways you can pay your federal taxes: You can pay using your bank account when you e-file your tax return for free using electronic funds withdrawal. Use IRS Direct Pay to pay