There’s still time to apply for the PPP loan

  There’s still time to apply for the PPP loan. If you have not applied for a small business Payroll Protection Program loan through your bank, you should still strongly consider doing so now. Important! PPP Loan Application NEW DEADLINE! August 8 – Paycheck Protection Program loan application deadline is now extended Must Read for Small Business Coronavirus Loans. The rush to get this program up is understandably confusing and chaotic. If you wish to get

Ideas to Help Pay Bills During Tough Times

You’re not alone in trying to navigate the financial uncertainty during the coronavirus pandemic. 10 million+ American workers who lost their paycheck because of COVID-19 need to find creative ways to pay bills. Here are 6 ways to get cash to help pay for your monthly expenses:   Apply for state unemployment benefits. Recent federal legislation expands traditional state unemployment payments from 26 weeks to 39 weeks. State unemployment offices are also administering an additional

Where to get money for a growing business

Where to get money for a growing business. The following sequence of events is common to many new and expanding businesses. The Short-Term Squeeze You start your business with a limited amount of capital and an abundance of good ideas and ambition. The sales activity has been adequate to produce a net profit. Your inventory is about twice as large as you intended. Your accounts payable are past due to the point where some creditors